Air Filter Moisture Water Trap

Air Filter Moisture Water Trap
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Product Description

Package Includes: 1 x Air Filter moisture trap

~ Fits Iwatta Air Brushes and other brands.

This Airbrush Filter can attaching directly onto the airbrush.

The filter is the final defense to deliver clean, dry air to your airbrush.

The Airbrush Filter is perfect to prevent moisture or water from ruining your excellent airbrush work

Features: Mini air filter built-in 5-micron filter element Perfect to lauter moisture or water for your excellent airbrush work.

Separated the water quickly for avoiding moisture damage to your airbrushing products.

With 1/8" BSP threads, can be connect with air brush Clear filter bowl allows a visual inspection of built-up moisture.

Evacuated through a spring-loaded release valve - without taking the filter off the airbrush.