Snap On Logo sticker Wrenches 0001

Snap On Logo sticker Wrenches 0001
Item# snap-on-logo-sticker-wrenches-0001
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Product Description

~ Sticker Design: Snap on Wrench

~ Style #: 0001

ATTENTION BUY ! these are car window stickers or for tool boxes. NOT REAL WRENCHES

~ Qty: 2

~ Size: 1x6, ?X8 or ?x10 inch long ** For diamond plate i suggest the largest size.

~ Choose size from drop down menu above

* The lettering is OPEN / cut out and what ever you sticker it on WILL SHOW THROUGH.

~ Computer-cut long lasting automotive grade vinyl

~ Outdoor Life: 6 year durability.

~ Easy to apply

~ long lasting and will not damage surface finishes.

Perfect for most any smooth, non-porous surface.

Easy to install.

(1) Remove paper backing, apply to underside of seat,

(2) Rub smooth with credit card to remove any air bubbles.

(3) Remove the Clear Application Tape