ZOMBIE Outbreak Response Vehicle Radioactive Skulls

ZOMBIE Outbreak Response Vehicle Radioactive Skulls
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Product Description

ZOMBIE Outbreak Response Vehicle Radioactive Skull Symbols

sticker suitable for car windows or body.

No doubt the Zombie apocalypse will come. Be ready and you may survive.

Size: 4 x 12 inches

*WHITE will be sent if no color choice is made.

*Optional Reflective Yellow works like street signs at night. It is a powerful sight at night when hit with light at night.

Material is automotive grade vinyl with a 7 year outdoor life.

This one color sticker looks great on anything !

If you have a black computer you can choose another color than black for the outline color.

*Mounts on most any clean SMOOTH surface.

Peel n stick ! (1) Remove paper backing (2) Apply Sticker to area, Use credit card to smooth out any air bubbles. (3) Remove Clear application tape.

Sticker is Design only, NO background color when applied. The color of whatever you put it on will show through once you have removed the clear transfer tape.